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August .8 .2017

How Physiotherapy Can Help with Injury Recovery

Getting injured in a car crash can often lead to long-term pain and physical problems that seem almost impossible to recover from. But thanks to the wonderful treatment of physiotherapists, there are...
April .21 .2017

What is a Physiatrist?

If you’ve been seriously injured, the road to recovery can mean a lot of visits to doctors and specialists. One of those visits may be with a physiatrist. But what is a physiatrist? What do they do?...
April .4 .2017

Safe Driving on Rainy Days

Rain, rain, go away – right? But this is British Columbia, so we live with it. To make our lives safer and better when our rain forest cities live up to their “Wet Coast” reputation, approaching...
January .17 .2017

Clearing Up Icy Sidewalks

Unusually cold weather causes an equally unusual problem in Metro Vancouver – icy sidewalks. With the risk of people slipping and falling, this also poses some legal questions. Who is responsible for...
July .19 .2016

Drowsy Driving

Some days, there’s just not enough coffee in the world to keep you awake. While it may lead to awkward moments of yawning at work or nodding off during dinner conversation, fatigue is a much more...
January .8 .2016

Vancouver Earthquake is No Joke

What's the first thing you do after an earthquake? Open your earthquake preparedness kit or open your smartphone and update Facebook? The truth is, even though we live in an active seismic zone, only...
November .3 .2015

3,800 Texting on BC Roads Right Now

9,500 drivers are using smartphones while driving at any given moment in BC. 3,800 drivers are texting and driving. Distracted driving causes 88 deaths each year in BC. According to an online survey...
December .23 .2013

5 Tips for Toy Safety - a Holiday Reminder

It's everyone's responsibility to ensure kids are safe with their new toys during the holiday season. Below are five toy safety tips to consider: Choking is the leading cause of toy-related death. A...
October .22 .2013

Child Immunizations Worth a Shot

The World Health Organization estimates that more than three million lives are saved every year by disease-preventing vaccinations.
September .17 .2013

Safe Sleep for Your Baby

The Public Health Agency of Canada offers important guidelines for providing a safe sleeping environment for babies. The goal is to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or "SIDS", in infants.
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