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May .8 .2013

Eye Tests for Brain Trauma

Your eyes may tell more about you than originally thought. The Seattle Times reports that with simple eye tests, doctors could be able to detect neurological damage caused by bomb blasts,...
April .18 .2013

NFL Helmet Maker Loses Lawsuit Due to Lack of Warning

A Colorado jury has found NFL helmet maker Riddell negligent in failing to warn the public about the danger of concussions. The jury awarded $11.5 million to the student who sustained severe brain...
March .12 .2013

New Treatment for Brain Injury

A new research study from Longwood University looks at introducing a non-invasive treatment for traumatic brain injury (TBI) victims. Dr. Ann Cralidis, assistant professor of communication sciences...
January .29 .2013

Brain Damage Found in NFL Players

For the first time, CTE has been found in five former NFL players who are still alive. CTE, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, is a debilitating brain disease associated with dementia, memory loss,...
November .13 .2012

Wear A Helmet - It Might Save Your Life

Vancouver has seen an increase in the number of bike lanes this year, and as Vancouver looks to improve its transportation plans for 2040, one area of focus is to continue expanding the city's bike...
August .9 .2012

FDA Approves New Spinal Cord Clinical Trial

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, has given the Miami Project permission to begin clinical trials on a study to treat patients with paralyzing spinal cord injuries. This ground-breaking...
July .12 .2012

Texting While Driving Gets Teen Two Years in Jail

A Boston judge's unprecedented sentencing hopes to save lives by deterring texting while driving. He sent an eighteen year old driver to jail for two years and suspended his right to drive for 15...
May .31 .2012

Boaters: New Regulations in Force this Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and for many that means it's time to put their boat back in the open water. But as of April 2011, B.C. now has stricter regulations for pleasure craft operators....
December .20 .2011

Don't Drink & Drive This Holiday Season

Less than a week to go until Christmas and the holiday season in is full force. But the extra good cheer also tends to bring a spike in car accidents related to drinking and driving. This season,...
November .23 .2011

Get Ready for Ski and Snowboard Season!

It's official. The snow is now falling on BC's coastal mountains. And another La Nina year means a forecast calling for greater than average snowfall. Skiers and snowboarders rejoice. Before hitting...


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