July .27 .2018

Beat the Heat!

Beat_the_HeatAs summer continues to heat up, it can seem nearly impossible to keep cool and comfortable.  Extreme heat can take a toll on your energy levels, but with these handy tips, you’ll be able to beat the heat and take advantage of the beautiful summer weather!

All fluids, all the time

Drinking lots of water is important to our overall health all year round, but it is perhaps most important in the summertime. But don’t wait until you feel thirsty to have a drink! Dehydration is dangerous for your heart health, bad for your skin, and speeds up the aging process. 

Discover cooling foods

Did you know that “cooling” foods can be one of the more effective ways of lowering your body’s core temperature?  Eating more “cooling” foods is an effective way to lower your body’s core temperature. Foods like cucumbers, watermelons, celery and other citrus fruits perform double duty, because they contain more water than most other foods.

Switch up your warm up for a cool down

Don’t let the extreme heat get in the way of your healthy lifestyle. Before you start your workout, consider using a precooling technique to help reduce your body temperature.  A cold towel around your neck or splashing cold water on your face can help improve endurance in hot weather.

Stay cool while you sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep during the height of summer can be a challenge. When it comes to health and wellness, nothing beats a restful night, so consider investing in a small fan for your bedroom. In a pinch, we suggest the Egyptian Method – this age old technique is a nod to how ancient Egyptians used to stay cool on hot nights. Simply soak a sheet in cold water, wring it dry, and use it as a blanket. 

Know your body’s cooling points

Applying ice to certain areas of your body can actually help to bring down your entire temperature. Although your neck and wrists are perhaps the most effective areas, the tops of your feet, inside of your ankles, and your forehead are also known as cooling spots.

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