June .13 .2011

The Importance of a Properly Fitted Bike

With the drier, warmer weather and Vancouver's growing bicycle network, commuting by bike is more appealing than ever. With this in mind, the Vancouver Sun recently commented on the importance of...
June .1 .2011

New Developments in Child Car Seat Safety

In response to an article posted at www.cbsnews.com On April 25th, we commented on child seat safety regulations in British Columbia. With new research published by the American Academy of Pediatrics...
May .25 .2011

The Slip & Fall: Who's to Blame?

An elderly woman is shopping at a Real Canadian Superstore with her daughter. She turns left to pass a display pallet of dishwasher detergent. She catches her foot on the corner of the pallet and...
May .18 .2011

Is a Child's Waiver of Liability Binding When Signed by a Parent?

Last week, we commented on a recent court case where plaintiffs Deanna Loychuk and Danielle Westgeest believed the recreational waivers they signed before embarking on a ziplining adventure were...
May .16 .2011

Should Parents be Charged if Kids Aren't Wearing a Bike Helmet?

In response to an article in Globe Life. The Globe and Mail recently reported that on April 30th, a nine-year-old boy in Sudbury, Ontario was struck by a car after failing to stop at a stop sign. He...
May .11 .2011

Recreational Waivers: to Sign or Not to Sign?

Thrill seekers of all levels are accustomed to signing a Waiver of Liability ("Waiver") before embarking on a recreational activity. But just how binding is the piece of paper that adventure...
May .9 .2011

Toy Safety and Your Child

Toy sales in Canada are a multibillion-dollar business, with the large majority of the manufacturing done around the world. In light of the many recent toy recalls, the Canadian government has been...
May .2 .2011

'Tis the Season for Motorcycle Safety

With Spring upon us, motorcycle enthusiasts are once again taking to the road to enjoy the season's warmer temperatures and drier conditions. Yet despite the surge of motorcyclists in our...
April .27 .2011

Verbal Agreements with ICBC: When to Keep Your Mouth Shut!

A simple verbal agreement can stand for a lot more than one might think. In fact, an oral acceptance of a settlement "often made in haste and without full consideration of the facts" may be all...
April .25 .2011

Choosing the Right Car Seat for Your Child

Using the right car seat for your child is the law. More importantly, using the right car seat is critical to ensure maximum security for your child. The Canadian Paediatric Society reports that...


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