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September .22 .2014

NFL Brain Damage

After years of denying that football players have suffered brain injury as a direct result of concussions, the NFL has admitted to a frightening statistic. An estimated 28% of NFL players are...
January .22 .2014

Sleep Washes Brain of Toxic Trash

Neuroscientists have made an unexpected discovery that brings new meaning to the term “brainwash.” In a study of mice, researchers found that the brains of awake mice were dry, whereas the brains of...
August .12 .2013

Meditation - Weight Lifting for the Brain

There's a growing body of research proving that meditation is a powerful exercise to improve brain function. "Meditation research, particularly in the last 10 years or so, has shown to be very...
July .22 .2013

UFC Fighter Announces Retirement, Chooses Health Over Brain Injury

So much attention on traumatic brain injury in sports and yet, surprisingly, we don't often hear of it in connection with mixed martial arts. MMA is a full contact combat sport. It involves violent...


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