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June .16 .2016

Ontario Introduces “Rowan’s Law”

Rowan Stringer was a 17-year-old Ottawa girl described as bright, energetic, and curious. She was equally passionate about rugby. But something happened to Rowan on the playing field that should...
June .9 .2016

Toolkit ‘Empowers’ Concussion Recovery

With June being Brain Injury Awareness Month across Canada, we’re taking a look at a useful new tool developed for concussion recovery. Concussions are a serious matter often with long term effects,...
June .2 .2016

Championing Brain Injury Awareness

Five years ago, a young hockey player at the top of his game sustained a couple of heavy blows to his head. The resulting concussion was devastating – sidelining his career and putting his health in...
February .2 .2016

App Diagnoses Concussions

Did you know up to 3.8-million cases of sports-related head trauma will occur this year in North America alone? Public anxiety is at an all-time high after an autopsy revealed that former NFL player...
January .2 .2016

A Seatbelt for Your Brain

A local Vancouver company has begun selling a helmet sticker, BrainShield, designed to prevent concussions. According to The Vancouver Sun, BrainShield is compatible with all helmets, and it has the...
December .22 .2015

Do Helmets Prevent Concussions?

According to CBC, Reebok-CCM has been told by the Competition Bureau that it cannot claim its hockey helmets prevent concussions. A Virginia Tech study found helmets don't prevent concussions, though...
November .13 .2015

What Happens to Your Brain During a Concussion?

According to the Sports Concussion Institute, a concussion occurs when the brain moves rapidly inside the skull. The brain is a three-pound organ that floats in cerebral spinal fluid inside the...
October .26 .2015

Top 5 Cycling Safety Blog Posts Since 2010

The most popular cycling blog posts from the past five years focus on helmet safety, concussion prevention and cycling innovation. Helmets Protect, Just Not Against Concussions Sidney Crosby and...
October .21 .2015

World Rugby Concussion Campaign

World Rugby is helping raise concussion awareness among Rugby players, coaches and officials at all levels of the game – from the professional level down to school children. The World Rugby...
September .17 .2015

Concussions Affect Teen Performance

A new study proves teenagers recovering from concussions or mild traumatic brain injuries may have difficulty with schoolwork until the brain fully recovers. Concussion can cause a wide range of...


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