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January .7 .2015

Eye Tracking Detects TBIs

Researchers at NYU Langone Medical Center have developed new and non-invasive eye tracking technology to quickly determine the severity of head impact.
December .15 .2014

Brain Damage in High School Football

TIME continues to discuss the tragic risks of American Football in their latest issue. A new study from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, NC says high school football players...
November .24 .2014

BrainScope Makes Waves in Detecting TBIs

According to the USCDC, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) occur at an annual rate of 500/100,000 individuals. Serious cases can be measured by CAT scans, but injuries such as concussions are more...
October .17 .2014

Brain Injuries Alter Teens’ Behaviour

A new study found that teens who have suffered a concussion or traumatic brain injury(TBI) are more likely to have harmful behaviours such as smoking cigarettes and contemplating suicide. “Many...
October .1 .2014

A “Brain Breathalyzer” for the Sidelines

British researchers are developing a “brain breathalyzer” device used to detect concussions on the sidelines, according to the BBC. Breathalyzers are currently used to detect blood alcohol content....
September .22 .2014

NFL Brain Damage

After years of denying that football players have suffered brain injury as a direct result of concussions, the NFL has admitted to a frightening statistic. An estimated 28% of NFL players are...
September .8 .2014

Q&A with Powell River Brain Injury Society Executive Director Deborah Dee: The Garden Project

Slater Vecchio is a proud supporter of the Powell River Brain Injury Society and we have been excited to watch the development of their garden project this past year.
September .2 .2014

Concussion Management Tool gets Blindsided

A helmet sensor developed to alert parents and coaches to potential brain injury has hit an unexpected roadblock. According to the Globe and Mail, Shockbox has been shunned by helmet manufacturers....
July .15 .2014

Headbanging Causes Brain Injury

A heavy metal fan was treated for a blood clot in his brain caused by excessive headbanging while at a Motörhead concert, the Globe and Mail reports. A worsening headache forced the German rocker to...
June .6 .2014

Concussion and Young Athletes

Hockey is a cornerstone of Canadian culture, generating passion and pride across the country. Back-to-back Olympic gold for both our men’s and women’s teams are inspiring a new generation of players....


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