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November .8 .2013

The 'Holy Grail' of CTE Research?

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is the degenerative brain disease diagnosed in an increasing number of ex-NFL football players. It's linked to depression and dementia. There is no cure. Until...
October .18 .2013

Fighting Controversy Reignited in NHL

The NHL is back for another season. And so is the fighting. Controversy resumed after a fight in the league's opening game left Montreal enforcer George Parros out with a concussion. It was Parros's...
October .17 .2013

Orthopaedic Doctors to Help with Mild TBI

New research encourages orthopaedic doctors to play a proactive role in diagnosing and treating mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) patients. Why? Because orthopaedic injuries and mTBI are often...
October .8 .2013

Is the NFL a League of Denial?

The concussion settlement between the NFL and 6000 retired players has settled. But a new book hitting shelves today is sure to reignite the controversy. How did the NFL spend twenty years covering...
September .11 .2013

Concussion Lawsuits Filed Against NCAA

Three former college athletes have filed a lawsuit against the NCAA. They say the league failed to educate football players about the risks of head injuries. In addition to financial compensation,...
September .6 .2013

NFL Settles Concussion Lawsuits for 'Pocket Change'

The NFL has struck a $765 million deal with the 18,000 ex-players suing the league over concussion-related brain injuries. It's "pocket change" for the league, says NFL retiree Brent Boyd, an...
August .26 .2013

Concussions 101 - a Primer for Kids and Parents

Concussion talk is everywhere. How do we diagnose a concussion? How do we treat them? How do we build greater awareness? How are we to navigate through the overwhelming body of research on the topic?...
August .15 .2013

Former NHLer Says Hockey Caused Parkinson's Disease

Former NHL player Steve Ludzik has been battling Parkinson's disease for over a decade. He believes the constant pounding from playing hockey led to the disease. Ludzik, 52, played with the Chicago...
April .16 .2013

Players Call NFL Safety Board a "Sham"

Did the NFL conceal the risks of head injuries? Who is responsible to pay for head injuries; the NFL or individual teams? NBC Sports reports the beginning of what is likely to be a long trial process...
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