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August .22 .2015

What To Do When You Hit a Parked Car

When we hear the term "hit and run" we automatically think of a serious collision. But what about when you hit a parked car? A common example is when you accidentally hit a parked car as you back out...
October .28 .2013

Is Driving Today Too Easy?

Today's cars are a dream to drive. And it's not just because of power technology, like steering, windows, ABS and automatic transmissions. Carmakers are now turning to semi-autonomous technology....
August .21 .2013

Car Safety 101: Wear Your Seat Belt

Remember these guys? They're Vince and Larry, the crash test dummies who played principal roles in the influential seat belt campaign of the 1980s. Between 1982 and 1988, seat belt usage by vehicle...


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