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January .31 .2017

Bike Safety for Rainy Days

Vancouver is becoming as well-known for its cycling culture as it is for its rain. But what happens when the two intersect? Yes, slick roads and cold, wet commutes are part of it. But just because...
January .7 .2016

Top 10 Slater Vecchio Blog Posts of 2015

10. Social media and personal injury claims A BC Judge shows how courts interpret social media posts that appear to contradict an injury claim. Read more... 9. White brain matter, depression and...
November .6 .2014

Winter Cycling in BC

Using two wheels as transportation is an easy choice in the summer. Now that we've turned back the clock and nights are getting longer, you’re likely hesitating to hop on a bicycle. Commuting by bike...
October .22 .2014

The “Citizen Cyclists” of Copenhagen

Denmark is known for its progressive urban planning, architecture and design. In the capital city of Copenhagen the cycling culture is everywhere. The city has over 390 km of designated bike lanes...


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