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October .28 .2014

New Map Tracks Cycling Dangers

A new map to help cyclists plan a safe route is now live. allows injured cyclists to indicate dangerous curbs or turns as a warning to other cyclists. The map indicates hot spots for...
February .18 .2014

Safety Improvement Project Begins on Stanley Park Causeway

The Province has committed to improving safety along the Stanley Park causeway.
December .12 .2013

An Airbag for the Brain

Swedish designers have created the world's first "invisible" bike helmet. Industrial Design students Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin came up with the idea when Sweden introduced the country's first...
September .25 .2013

Bike Safety for Drivers

Brace yourself for carmageddon.
July .16 .2013

Growing Support for Vancouver's Separated Bike Lanes

The bike lane controversy in Vancouver continues. This time the debate surrounds a proposal for a new route in Kitsilano along the Point Grey-Cornwall corridor. Those opposed are quick to criticize...
July .9 .2013

Bike Helmets Don't Prevent Concussions

Bicycling Magazine recently published a powerful article considering the history, safety, and future of bike helmets. Called Senseless, writer Bruce Barcott shares his story of how he uncovered the...
June .13 .2013

Cycling Tops the List of Sports Causing Head Injury

The brain injury spotlight shines brightly on high profile cases in professional hockey and football leagues. But U.S. statistics remind us that cycling is actually the leading cause of...
November .13 .2012

Wear A Helmet - It Might Save Your Life

Vancouver has seen an increase in the number of bike lanes this year, and as Vancouver looks to improve its transportation plans for 2040, one area of focus is to continue expanding the city's bike...
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