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July .22 .2015

Get the TEXT? – Distracted Driving is Deadly

Do you text and drive? Of course you do. The phone starts buzzing and you dig for your phone trying to keep one eye on the road. We all know texting and driving is not only dangerous but illegal. We...
July .9 .2015

Road-Rage Incident Caught on Camera

According to CBC News, a Toronto road rage incident was captured on video as a CBC News crew was interviewing an Ontario police officer on a highway overpass. Two men shouting from vehicles...
July .6 .2015

80% Of Canadian Drivers Feel Road Rage

No matter how mild your manners are, driving has a tendency of bringing out the worst in us. Nearly 80% of Canadians admit to driving behaviour that could be deemed as road rage according to a...
June .24 .2015

Defiant Left Lane Drivers Face Heavy Fines

BC Drivers clogging highway passing lanes will face hefty fines and penalties. "Drivers who won't move over can impede traffic and contribute to crashes. This new rule makes it clear who should...


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