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October .4 .2017

Millennials Are Saying ‘No Thanks’ to Drinking and Driving

Millennials are proving to be a very responsible generation when it comes to the dangers of drinking and driving. In a recent survey by Beer Canada, 82% of people between the ages of 18 and 34 said...
September .14 .2017

Lowering Canada’s Blood-Alcohol Limit?

Drinking and driving remains a serious problem in Canada. Drunk drivers kill nearly 1,500 and injure another 63,000 in crashes each year. The federal government wants to reduce those numbers by...
December .31 .2016

7 Resolutions for a Safe 2017

Every new year means new resolutions. Whether it’s losing weight, saving money, or spending more time with loved ones, it’s good to start the year with new goals.
October .12 .2016

How to Stop a Drunk Driver

It’s happened to almost all of us. You’re out with some friends or colleagues, you've had a drink or two, when suddenly you realize you should not drive. Good for you! But how do you deal with...
August .30 .2016

End Holiday Weekend Drunk Driving

Holidays and long weekends make life all the more sweet. A family gathering, a night out with friends, and all too often, one drink too many. Unfortunately, they also come with a higher number of car...
August .26 .2016

Canada Tops Drunk Driving List

If they were handing out medals for drunk-driving fatalities, Canada would get the gold. But that sobering distinction is nothing to be proud of. In fact, being number one here is a great big zero.
May .31 .2016

Can Technology Curb Drunk Driving?

There are two things you should never mix with driving: drinking and your cellphone. But is it possible that your phone can actually help eliminate the risks of drinking and driving? There is an app...
May .17 .2016

Road Safety a Priority for Graduation

Grade 12 students across British Columbia are anxiously counting down the final weeks of the academic calendar and their high school years. No doubt, graduation is a milestone in a young person’s...
December .3 .2015


酒驾是愚蠢的。它是危险的。它是违法的。 然而我们还是一直听见关于酒驾的消息。 一篇近期的在《省报》上的文章报道说,素里的一位男士因为在赤列瓦克市(CHILLIWACK)“画龙”驾驶而面临被刑事起诉。当加拿大皇家骑警RCMP的警官迫使这个男人路边停车,这个人手里正握着一瓶打开了的啤酒。更坏的是什么呢?他12岁的儿子正坐在他旁边的副驾的位子上。 根据BC省保险公司ICBC 的数据,在2007年BC...
July .13 .2015

Could New Technology Eliminate Drunk Driving?

Does a world free of intoxicated drivers sound too good to be true? Vehicle blood alcohol sensors could make it a reality according to TIME Magazine. The technology was recently unveiled in the US by...
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