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March .14 .2016

Will Stiffer Distracted Driving Penalties Save Lives?

Distracted driving is responsible for 80 deaths in BC every year. A 16-year-old Maple Ridge girl was killed by a train while texting and wearing headphones listening to music in 2014. A young woman...
June .25 .2015

Increasing Fines for Distracted Drivers

What do you think the fine for distracted driving should be? Should distracted drivers have their cars impounded and receive roadside suspensions similar to drunk drivers? Texting while driving is a...
June .24 .2015

Defiant Left Lane Drivers Face Heavy Fines

BC Drivers clogging highway passing lanes will face hefty fines and penalties. "Drivers who won't move over can impede traffic and contribute to crashes. This new rule makes it clear who should...


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