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July .5 .2017

Summer Biking Basics

Sun’s out, bikes out, right? It’s a joy to get on your bike and spin around the city – soaking up the rays and feeling the breeze in your face. But before you pedal your way around, it’s a good idea...
September .16 .2016

UBC Football Rethinks Concussions

A repeat Vanier Cup win is definitely in their sights, but the UBC Thunderbirds have another ambitious goal for the upcoming football season – reduce the number of team concussions. It’s no secret...
August .9 .2016

Youth Sport Concussions Up

Sport does a lot for our kids. It keeps them active and teaches them teamwork and fair play. Unfortunately, it’s also sending more of them to the emergency room with sport-related concussions.
June .2 .2016

Championing Brain Injury Awareness

Five years ago, a young hockey player at the top of his game sustained a couple of heavy blows to his head. The resulting concussion was devastating – sidelining his career and putting his health in...
May .26 .2016

Get Ready for Bike to Work Week

Next week kicks off Bike to Work Week across BC. Thousands of Vancouverites take to the city’s streets and bike lanes for their daily commute – here are a few safety tips to use on your daily cycle....
May .19 .2016

Be Biker Aware this Motorcycle Season

Did you know that May is Motorcycle Awareness Month? Reading some of the headlines around the province and across the country, though, you might not think that was the case. The month has tragically...
March .14 .2016

Vancouver’s Bike Share Program Approved

Vancouver has approved a public bike share program with 1,500 bikes at 150 solar-powered stations. Vancouver will have the largest public smart-bike share system in North America according to Jerry...
January .26 .2016

Zero1 Helmet Reduces Concussions

A great fitting football helmet is crucial to safety on the field according to VICIS, a Seattle-based company. The company's neurosurgeons and engineers designed a football helmet that lessens linear...
July .5 .2015

Bike Helmet Safety for Children

School’s out for the summer! Vancouver children are enjoying their freedom by riding their bicycles all day. You’ll see children cycling on city and suburban streets, trails, bridges, and seawalls....
April .24 .2015

Helmets Prevent Toddler Head Injuries

Spring has sprung in Vancouver. Parents are pulling scooters, skateboards, bikes and other outdoor equipment out of the garage. As the weather warms, children spend more time outside participating in...
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