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January .15 .2015

Snow Sledding Safety Tips

Many of us are embracing winter by partaking in a cherished Canadian pastime, sledding. While sledding can seem like harmless fun, sledding injuries have sent many to emergency rooms each year.
November .14 .2014

The Rise of the Foldable Bike Helmet

Between 2007 and 2012, 68 per cent of riders fatally injured in a bike accidents without car involvement were not wearing a helmet in BC. Helmets are not only an essential piece of equipment for bike...
July .9 .2013

Bike Helmets Don't Prevent Concussions

Bicycling Magazine recently published a powerful article considering the history, safety, and future of bike helmets. Called Senseless, writer Bruce Barcott shares his story of how he uncovered the...
June .13 .2013

Cycling Tops the List of Sports Causing Head Injury

The brain injury spotlight shines brightly on high profile cases in professional hockey and football leagues. But U.S. statistics remind us that cycling is actually the leading cause of...


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