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February .12 .2014

First Concussion Alters "Microstructure" of Brain in Young Athletes

Research led by Canadian concussion specialist Dr. Paul Echlin proves that all it takes is one concussion to alter the brains of young athletes.
February .5 .2014

Gino Odjick's Fight with Mental Illness

It’s been 12 years since Canucks fan favourite Gino Odjick played in the NHL. He was a left-winger known for fighting, not goal scoring (he scored just 64 goals in his 12 NHL seasons). Odjick...
August .15 .2013

Former NHLer Says Hockey Caused Parkinson's Disease

Former NHL player Steve Ludzik has been battling Parkinson's disease for over a decade. He believes the constant pounding from playing hockey led to the disease. Ludzik, 52, played with the Chicago...
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