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November .1 .2016

The Dutch Reach Can Save Lives

Anyone who has ever biked along a row of parked cars has one serious dread – crashing into an opening car door. Getting ‘doored’ is bad news for both the cyclist and the driver. But one simple change...
October .19 .2016

Shake and Quake

If a massive earthquake hit right this minute, what would you do? Panic? Cry? Pray? Those might be your first instincts, but there are three simple things you can do to immediately reduce the risk of...
August .12 .2016

Serving Food Allergies Right

Talk about killer service. Simon-Pierre Canuel of Sherbrooke, Quebec has a severe food allergy. A mistake made by waiter at a local restaurant landed Canuel in the hospital.  As he later told the...
July .21 .2016

Ban on Texting and Walking?

You know you’ve done it. You’re walking down a busy street, your phone bings, so you pull it out to look. A text, a notification from social media, a calendar reminder – you have to know! Your...
July .8 .2016

Anchors Away on Boating Safety

Feeling the mist and breeze on your face can be one of life’s great pleasures. We are naturally drawn to the water and boating is one of our favourite summer pastimes. Here in BC, we’re especially...
July .6 .2016

Dangers of Falling Furniture

There is something in your home posing a great risk to your children and their safety and you may not even be giving it a second thought. Furniture tip-overs are a common occurrence, resulting in...
May .5 .2016

Getting Emergency Prepared

Are you ready for the Big One? Or what about a small or medium sized one? Chances are, you’re not at all ready for a disaster of any kind. Getting you there is what Emergency Preparedness Week –...
July .19 .2013

10 Tips to Keep Little Ones Safe Around Pools at Home

Thanks to for contributing this post to Slater Vecchio Connected. We're happy to share good information on important safety issues.
July .18 .2013

BC Water-Related Fatalities on the Rise

Did you know that nearly 500 Canadians die every year in water-related incidents? And this year the numbers are climbing with an alarming 37 water-related fatalities reported in BC waters. This time...
August .14 .2012

Drowning is Preventable Say RCMP

Look before you leap! That's what the RCMP is asking from vacationers spending time on the water this summer. Why? Because, there have been 39 drownings in B.C. so far in 2012, three of which...
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