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July .5 .2014

Speed Limits to Increase Across B.C.

The province announced that speed limits on multi-lane highways will increase to as high as 120 km/h. B.C. Transportation Minister Todd Stone made the announcement following results from the Rural...
July .2 .2014

ICBC's 10 Worst Intersections for Crashes

ICBC has released a list of 2013’s top 10 crash intersections in the Lower Mainland, reports the Vancouver Sun. The findings are worth repeating. Burnaby’s Willingdon Avenue on- and off-ramps had the...
June .18 .2014

Judge Says Drivers Must be 'Particularly Aware and Accommodating' of Police on the Road

RCMP Constable Mark Maddex is driving southbound on a four lane highway near Parksville, B.C. He is using radar to monitor the speed of oncoming traffic. There are no vehicles travelling close behind...
May .16 .2014

Sweden's Vision Zero to Eliminate Traffic Fatalities

Vision Zero is Sweden’s plan for road safety. It’s built on the idea that no loss of life is acceptable. In 1997, Swedish parliament made Vision Zero a part of the country’s law, promising to...
April .9 .2014

Distracted Driving - A Criminal Offence?

Vancouver Sun columnist Ian Mulgrew has sparked another debate. This time over distracted driving. Should distracted driving be a criminal offense? Should offending drivers face jail time? “A fine...
April .1 .2014

Motorcycle Helmet Laws Save Lives

The numbers don’t lie. “Fewer Helmets, More Deaths” says the New York Times in an article on changing motorcycle helmet use across the United States. While fewer people are dying in car accidents,...
March .4 .2014

The Bulletproof Vest of Brain Protection?

Want to make your kid’s helmet safer? Add Kevlar, says Unequal Technologies. Unequal has developed a helmet liner made from Kevlar, the patented synthetic fiber in bulletproof vests used in law...
February .18 .2014

Safety Improvement Project Begins on Stanley Park Causeway

The Province has committed to improving safety along the Stanley Park causeway.
January .2 .2014

Slater Vecchio's 10 Most-Read Blog Posts. Ever.

As we step into the New Year we thought it a good idea to reflect on the past. Check out our top 10 most-read blog posts with helpful tips and reminders for a safe and successful 2014… 10....
November .12 .2013

Canada Invests $7.5M in Concussion Research

The Canadian government and a few strategic partners have committed $7.5 million to concussion research. The money will support 19 projects focused on concussion prevention, diagnosis, and treatment....


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