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November .1 .2013

YouTube DUI Confession: "I Killed a Man"

"My name is Matthew Cordle, and on June 22, 2013, I hit and killed Vincent Canzani," says the 22-year-old in a YouTube confession. An Ohio judge sentenced Cordle to six and a half years for...
October .30 .2013

Halloween Safety

It's time for a Halloween safety refresher. Review this handy checklist to ensure a happy, haunted evening this October 31st. Costume Safety Ensure costumes and footwear are suitable for a...
October .28 .2013

Is Driving Today Too Easy?

Today's cars are a dream to drive. And it's not just because of power technology, like steering, windows, ABS and automatic transmissions. Carmakers are now turning to semi-autonomous technology....
September .26 .2013

Why a Few Drinks are a Few Too Many

Three years ago, B.C. lowered its legal blood alcohol limit to .05. For those needing a refresher: Drivers are warned with a blood alcohol level between .05 and .08. This results in an immediate...
September .25 .2013

Bike Safety for Drivers

Brace yourself for carmageddon.
September .19 .2013

Bike Helmet Law and the Success of Van-City's Bike Share Program

Vancouver's bike share program is expected to launch by Spring 2014. The program will include 1500 seven-speed bikes spread across 125 automatic docking stations around the city. Riders will be able...
July .29 .2013

Province Commits to Improving Safety on Stanley Park Causeway

At last, an update about the future of the Stanley Park Causeway. It sounds encouraging. The province has made a commitment to improve cyclist and pedestrian safety along the Causeway. The initiative...
July .16 .2013

Growing Support for Vancouver's Separated Bike Lanes

The bike lane controversy in Vancouver continues. This time the debate surrounds a proposal for a new route in Kitsilano along the Point Grey-Cornwall corridor. Those opposed are quick to criticize...
June .20 .2013

104 Lives Saved Due to BC's Drinking and Driving Laws

BC's strict drinking and driving law has been credited with saving 104 lives in only two years after coming into effect in September 2010. Research from the University of Victoria finds 40% fewer...
March .28 .2013

Stay Safe this Long Weekend

Sugar rushes from too much chocolate might not be the only thing you suffer from this long weekend if you're not careful. The Province reports that ICBC stats show an average of four deaths and over...


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