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October .25 .2012

Kids and ATVs: A Lethal Combination

The tragic report by The Province of a young boy being killed in an ATV accident has once again sparked talks of stricter safety standards for off-road vehicles. The four year old was killed when he...
October .18 .2012

Watch Out For The Bus

We're all busy. Life rarely slows down when you want it to, and we tend to rush from place to place. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't slow down while driving from place to place. Creating unsafe...
September .10 .2012

Is Your Teen the Principal Operator of a Family Car?

Is it time for your teen to take their own car to school and save you some time? Insurance for a teenager is more expensive. A new driver will pay more for insurance since they don't have the years...
September .5 .2012

September Is Back-To-School Safety Month

School starts again this week and many people are returning to their daily work routine. This means heavier traffic along with an increase in pedestrians, cyclists, and children on the roads....
August .31 .2012

Distracted Driving Means More Than Cell Phones

It's another long weekend for Canada and the U.S., one that often sees lots of travel and traffic. School begins again, and many students use this weekend to move to new campuses. It's also the last...
August .28 .2012

Deadly Driveways

Every week in the US about 50 children are seriously injured by drivers failing to pay attention when backing up their vehicles. Kids and Cars reports that two children die every week from "backover...
August .20 .2012

Do Smart Phones Make Bad Drivers?

We've all been there, reaching for our cell phone while driving. Maybe we're texting a friend that we're running late or maybe we're looking for directions or changing the music. An accident could...
August .2 .2012

B.C. Tops List of Canada's Worst Drivers

With B.C. Day around the corner, our roads will soon be filled with bad drivers. We've all seen them speeding, going too slow, cutting people off, running red lights and failing to yield to cyclists...
July .30 .2012

Driving While Tired Worse Than Drinking and Driving

A new online study conducted in Ontario shows that men are more likely than women to fall asleep while driving. Nearly a quarter of men surveyed said they swerved due to tiredness, and almost a one...
July .12 .2012

Texting While Driving Gets Teen Two Years in Jail

A Boston judge's unprecedented sentencing hopes to save lives by deterring texting while driving. He sent an eighteen year old driver to jail for two years and suspended his right to drive for 15...


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