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July .9 .2012

Vancouver Next For Pedestrian Scramble

A pedestrian scramble doesn't sound safe at all. Yet according to the City of Vancouver, safe is exactly what it is. A scramble crossing features an all-direction pedestrian signal to cut down on...
May .24 .2012

New Motorcycle Laws For B.C.

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and this year B.C. is marking the occasion with the introduction of some new regulations. These are meant to help improve road safety and reduce injuries and...
September .29 .2011

Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Did you know that your odds of being in a car accident in the next year are one in 44? So be prepared and remember some basic points to keep in mind if you are in an accident. Steps to take include:...
August .24 .2011

Don't Count on ICBC for Legal Advice

In our June 6th post, we review the steps to take when suing ICBC as nominal defendant in a hit & run case. Recent BC Supreme Court case Morris v. Doe gives us an example of failing to follow these...
August .17 .2011

Vacation Photos Used in Court

We recently commented on the role that Facebook is playing in courts across Canada. More and more, parties involved in lawsuits are pulling content from Facebook to either prove or disprove a claim....
June .29 .2011

Judges Turn to Facebook

Last week, we commented on the importance of managing your privacy settings on Social Media sites like Facebook. This week, I want to highlight the increasing role that Facebook is playing in...
May .2 .2011

'Tis the Season for Motorcycle Safety

With Spring upon us, motorcycle enthusiasts are once again taking to the road to enjoy the season's warmer temperatures and drier conditions. Yet despite the surge of motorcyclists in our...
April .27 .2011

Verbal Agreements with ICBC: When to Keep Your Mouth Shut!

A simple verbal agreement can stand for a lot more than one might think. In fact, an oral acceptance of a settlement "often made in haste and without full consideration of the facts" may be all...
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