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November .25 .2015

Winter Pedestrian Safety Tips

On average, one person is struck by a vehicle every day in Vancouver. Pedestrians are the most vulnerable users of the road. Shorter days and winter weather conditions increase pedestrian danger....
April .14 .2015

External Airbags Hug Pedestrians

Google recently acquired a US patent that suggests their new self-driving cars will have external airbags to protect passengers. The airbags would deploy when car sensors detected an immediate...
December .31 .2014

New Year’s Resolutions to Keep

December .10 .2014

Put Pedestrians First

A pedestrian advocacy group says more needs to be done to protect pedestrians.
November .10 .2014

Pedviz: Be Reflective. Be Safe. Be Seen.

Jane Macdougall, a mother, journalist and Vancouverite, is the founder of Pedviz, a fashionable line of reflective items to help make people more visible on the streets. According to The Vancouver...
November .4 .2014

Dangerous Season Ahead for Pedestrians

Last month I wrote about how 2014 has been the safest year on record for pedestrians in Vancouver. With darker, rainier days ahead, this could soon change. According to ICBC, pedestrian-related...
October .6 .2014

Pedestrian Deaths in Vancouver Lowest Ever

Vancouver Police are calling 2014 the safest year on record for pedestrians. So far, only one pedestrian has been killed compared to seven last year.  Almost a decade ago 20 people were killed in...
September .29 .2014

Back-to-School Road Safety

With more than half a million students back in school across the province, there’s no better time to think about road safety. According to ICBC, 30 children aged five to eighteen are killed and 5,100...
September .18 .2014

Owners Liable if Dog Escapes

Rocky is an 89 pound Doberman. One day, he escapes his owners’ enclosed yard and bolts towards a 61 year-old cyclist, knocking him from his bike. The cyclist suffers injuries including broken ribs...
September .4 .2014

Eyes Up, Phones Down!

Walking has become riskier in the last several years.  The primary cause?  Smartphones. With smartphones having similar abilities to computers, many feel the need to use them more often. There is...


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