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February .7 .2017

Steps for Childproofing Stairways

It may be a few small steps for you, but to a little child a staircase could be a giant leap or tumble to a serious injury. Each year, thousands of children are hurt on stairs and most of these are...
January .17 .2017

Clearing Up Icy Sidewalks

Unusually cold weather causes an equally unusual problem in Metro Vancouver – icy sidewalks. With the risk of people slipping and falling, this also poses some legal questions. Who is responsible for...
January .10 .2017

Be Safe on the Slopes

From Whistler to Silverstar and all resorts and slopes in between, BC is a skier’s and snowboarder’s paradise. Unfortunately, all that shreddin’ and swooshin’ can lead to some severe injuries. Every...
July .14 .2016

Stop, Drop, and Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is all the rage. The augmented reality game has taken off around the world with people tracking down “Poke Stops” and collecting Pokemon characters on their smartphones. But it has come...
June .16 .2015

Open Windows are Killing Children

According to The Province, six BC children fell from unsafe windows and balconies during the past week. Some of the six children are suffering with serious brain trauma and broken limbs according to...
April .24 .2015

Can You Diagnose a Head Injury?

Do you know how to treat head injuries? Would you know what to do if someone slipped and hit their head in front of you? The statistics will surprise you. People Don't Know How to Treat Head Injuries...
December .31 .2014

New Year’s Resolutions to Keep

September .4 .2014

Eyes Up, Phones Down!

Walking has become riskier in the last several years.  The primary cause?  Smartphones. With smartphones having similar abilities to computers, many feel the need to use them more often. There is...
January .2 .2014

Slater Vecchio's 10 Most-Read Blog Posts. Ever.

As we step into the New Year we thought it a good idea to reflect on the past. Check out our top 10 most-read blog posts with helpful tips and reminders for a safe and successful 2014… 10....
December .16 .2013

Avoiding Winter Slips and Falls

Did you know that falls are a leading cause of hospitalization in BC?
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