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November .12 .2013

Canada Invests $7.5M in Concussion Research

The Canadian government and a few strategic partners have committed $7.5 million to concussion research. The money will support 19 projects focused on concussion prevention, diagnosis, and treatment....
October .17 .2013

Orthopaedic Doctors to Help with Mild TBI

New research encourages orthopaedic doctors to play a proactive role in diagnosing and treating mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) patients. Why? Because orthopaedic injuries and mTBI are often...
May .15 .2013

Pool Safety Not Sinking In

The Vancouver Sun reported a five year old B.C. boy was in critical but stable condition after falling into the family pool Easter long weekend. The warm weather took many people outdoors hoping for...
May .8 .2013

Eye Tests for Brain Trauma

Your eyes may tell more about you than originally thought. The Seattle Times reports that with simple eye tests, doctors could be able to detect neurological damage caused by bomb blasts,...
January .17 .2013

What Does Your Waiver Actually Cover?

Maybe it's for a ski tour or snowshoe excursion in the mountains. Or perhaps you sign one for a cruise or a ride at the amusement park. A waiver of release means you give up your right to sue if an...
December .21 .2012

Will Your TV Hurt Your Children?

Every two weeks a child dies from a TV tipping over onto them. Every 45 minutes a child is admitted to the hospital for treatment from injuries suffered from a falling TV. The US Consumer Product...
November .8 .2012

Football and Brain Damage: Weighing the Risks

The deaths of NFL players Ray Easterling, Junior Seau, and Dave Duerson have drawn a lot of attention to concussions. In particular, they drew attention to the NFL's concussion lawsuits that were...
September .25 .2012

Protect Your Kids From Cyberbullies

Over half of teens have been bullied online or engaged in online bullying. One in three young adults has experienced cyber threats. Gone are the days where bullying was mainly confined to schoolyard...
August .23 .2012

Windows Screens Won't Protect Your Kids From Falling

In the U.S., almost 5000 children fall from windows or balconies each year. In the past year, 23 children under five have fallen out of windows just in B.C. The Vancouver Sun reports of another...
August .7 .2012

To Speak or Not to Speak: Verbal Agreements

I've blogged about binding verbal agreements before, but they're worth another look. Most of us have been in that situation - agreeing to something before we know all the details. Verbal agreements...


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