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July .12 .2016

New Look Inside the Concussed Brain

Concussions are an all too common injury. Well known people ranging from Eric Lindros to Hillary Clinton have suffered them – so have hundreds of thousands of Canadians. Still, little is known about...
November .26 .2014

Province Schedules Public Consultation for Stanley Park Causeway

Last February I wrote about how The Ministry of Transportation began surveying the Stanley Park Causeway with plans to reveal a design last spring. Instead, the Ministry hopes to gain more insight...
February .18 .2014

Safety Improvement Project Begins on Stanley Park Causeway

The Province has committed to improving safety along the Stanley Park causeway.
July .29 .2013

Province Commits to Improving Safety on Stanley Park Causeway

At last, an update about the future of the Stanley Park Causeway. It sounds encouraging. The province has made a commitment to improve cyclist and pedestrian safety along the Causeway. The initiative...
May .30 .2013

Cyclist Safety on the Stanley Park Causeway

A cyclist was killed on the Stanley Park Causeway Saturday evening when she came in contact with a pedestrian on the shared sidewalk causing her to fall into traffic. The tragedy occurred only two...


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