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May .31 .2017

Distracted Driving Laws Stand Supreme Test

One horrible lesson we’ve learned with the advance of cellular and smartphone technology is that distracted driving kills. But still, people continue to be lured by the bings and rings of their...
March .14 .2017

Are Distracted Driving Laws Tough Enough?

Marc Garneau was the first Canadian in space, but now as the federal Minister of Transport, he’s blasting off again – this time against distracted driving in this country. Just recently, Garneau came...
July .14 .2016

Stop, Drop, and Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is all the rage. The augmented reality game has taken off around the world with people tracking down “Poke Stops” and collecting Pokemon characters on their smartphones. But it has come...
December .14 .2015

Distracted Driving and Russian Roulette

How deadly is distracted driving? Do you like playing Russian Roulette with your life? Watch 'A Game of Chance' to see how deadly distracted driving is. In the video, a young driver fires a gun...
December .10 .2015

Text Walking Lanes

Want to text and walk? Go to Belgium. Digital Trends says pedestrians using smartphones in the Belgian city of Antwerp are now using dedicated "text walking lanes" Like The University of Utah and...
November .3 .2015

3,800 Texting on BC Roads Right Now

9,500 drivers are using smartphones while driving at any given moment in BC. 3,800 drivers are texting and driving. Distracted driving causes 88 deaths each year in BC. According to an online survey...
June .16 .2015

Do You Video Chat While Driving?

According to an AT&T survey, 70% of people use their smartphone while operating a motor vehicle. But the New York times says Some People Do More Than Text While Driving: 40% of drivers are taking...
August .29 .2013

Remote Texter Can Be Liable

Have you ever texted someone who you knew was driving when you hit the send button? A New Jersey judge says that a "remote texter" may be responsible for third party injuries in an accident caused by...
August .21 .2013

From One Second to the Next

From One Second to the Next is a haunting documentary about the dangers of texting and driving. To drive home its powerful message, German filmmaker Werner Herzog points the camera at both the...


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